Hand Vacuum Pumps

  Mityvac offers a selection of six basic hand-held vacuum/pressure pump models-- one Silverline and five Selectline. Each is featured in the chart below, and differentiated by a combination of features and options described on the previous pages. By offering such a wide selection, you can maximize the value and performance of your hand pump by choosing the exact features that best meet the requirements of your application.



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Model No. MV8510
MV8030 MV8010 MV8255 MV8257 MV8121
Description Silverline Vacuum/Pressure Pump, 16cc w/ gauge Selectline Vacuum Pump, 16cc Selectline Vacuum Pump, 16cc w/ gauge Selectline Vacuum Pump, 16cc w/ gauge, DC Selectline Vacuum Pump, 16cc, DC Selectline Superpump Vacuum Pump, 32cc
Material Aluminium / Zinc PVC
Vol. per Stroke 1 cu. in. / 16cc 2 cu. in. / 32cc
Gauge1 Yes No Yes No
Dual Converter2 Yes No Yes No
Weight 2.5 lbs
1.3 kg
6.9 oz
194 g
11 oz
313 g
11.5 oz
326 g
12.2 oz 345g 11.7 oz
332 g
Max. Vacuum 25 in Hg, 85 kPa
Max. Pressure 30+ psi, 207+ kPa N/A 30 psi, 207 kPa N/A
Maintenance Kit3 MVM8900
MVM8901 MVM8903 MVM8902
Replacement Gauge MVA6176 N/A MVA6178 MVA6181 N/A


  • 1 - Mityvac vacuum gauges are scaled 0 - 30 inches of Mercury (0 - 100 kPa). Compound gauges included on dual vacuum/pressure converter pumps are scaled 0 - 30 psi (0 - 200 kPa) pressure, and 0 - 30 inches of Mercury (0 - 100 kPa) vacuum.

  • 2 - All Mityvac pumps produce vacuum at the front port. Dual converter pumps are capable of producing vacuum or pressure at the front port. A rotating knob on the side of the pump allows the operator to switch between vacuum and pressure. Dual converter pumps include a compound gauge for indicating levels of both.

  • 3 - Maintenance kits include components necessary to perform routine maintenance on Mityvac pumps.

  • *Refer to the Mityvac pump introduction (pages 2 and 3) for information on features and options indicated above.

  • **All Mityvac pump vacuum/pressure ports fit standard 1/4" (6.4 mm) ID tubing.

  • ***Models listed in the chart above are individually packaged. Special 100 piece bulk packaging is available for pump model MV8030. Contact your Lincoln/Mityvac sales or customer service representative for details.

Maintenance Kits
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